Group Description

We are a multi-platform media and branding company and one of the first companies in China to use TV direct sales programs, often referred to as TV infomercials, in combination with non-TV direct sales platforms and a nationwide distribution network to market and sell consumer products. Today we operate a developed and comprehensive media platform, while maintaining our position as one of China's largest TV direct sales operators in terms of revenues generated. Founded in 1998 by Mr. Robert Roche and Mr. Don Yang, two experienced leaders with proven industry success, we leverage our core competencies in terms of media access, market recognition, and a broad network of products providers to solidify our leadership in China’s TV direct sales market.

Core Capabilities

Headquartered in Shanghai, we operate three call centers and four warehouses in China and offer both proprietary and third party brands on our TV direct sales and ground distribution platforms. Over the years, we have also expanded into other forms of direct sales, such as catalogs, outbound calls, internet and third-party bank channel sales, to further amplify our promotional efforts and generate additional revenue opportunities from our existing customer base. Leveraging our broad media platform and vertically integrated direct sales operations, which include product development, direct sales and marketing, call center operations, and order fulfillment and delivery, combined with our nationwide distribution network and local marketing efforts, we are able to effectively reach consumers throughout China. In 2010, we generated $293.2 million in total revenues with $195.8 million coming from our direct sales platform and $97.4 million coming from our nationwide distribution platform.

Product Offerings

Our recently featured product categories include cell phones, electronic learning devices, electronic dictionaries, collectible products, health and wellness products, consumer electronics products and cosmetics products. In positioning our products, we seek to emphasize their unique value for consumers and the ability of our media platform to create brand awareness. Our focus is on market segments with potential national appeal, where we believe our multi-platform media branding expertise can create value. Our TV direct sales programs allow us to promote specific products, while supporting and strengthening the brand awareness of our additional sales channels.

Development Potential

As China's TV direct sales only accounts for 0.1% of the Country's total retail sales and as China continues to exhibit healthy economic growth, we believe we are well positioned to capitalize on the expansion of the consumer market with both our on air and off air retail presence. Our leading market position makes us an ideal partner for the promotion and distribution of new products in China.

Selected Customers and Partners