Group Description

Take a ride through the eclectic minds of China’s most fashion-forward underground professional and amateur designers.


As the world finishes up months of Fashion Week runways, red carpets and interviews, Shanghai will unveil a secret world full of life, color and style. Enter Shanghai Black Fashion Week (SBFW) 2018, a weekend of fashion shows, seminars, trade shows and parties showcasing China’s hidden and diverse fashion talents. From the surprising to the awe-inspiring we are going to take Shanghai on a ride through the eclectic minds of China’s most fashion forward underground, professional and amateur designers. 



Shanghai Black Fashion Week is a chance to experience a progressive Shanghai celebrate diversity, creativity and fashion with representation from all corners. It will not only be an opportunity to gather, unite, celebrate and educate about the best kept secrets living in Shanghai, but a space for those aspiring and novice designers to broadcast their talents and style to the world.  



 Finds us on Wechat (LiveTV-) and online to stay up to date and follow along with all the excitement of Shanghai’s first Black Fashion Week.  


Shanghai Black Fashion Week 2018

上海黑美时装周 2018年

Chinese Number: +86 18625014505

English Number:  +86 18317075129