Group Description

China Rendez-Vous is a leading communications and events management firm based in China. Created in 2009 by Delphine Lignieres, the company is an organizer of acclaimed high-end lifestyle events in China including SO! DALIAN and SO! HAINAN marine lifestyle shows, Bund Classic for classic cars and Ski & Style. Renowned in China for Hainan Rendez-Vous, created by Delphine Lignieres in 2010 and organized through 2013, China Rendez-Vous is re-launching its flagship show in 2015 under its new brand SO! HAINAN. Answering a growing demand in new lifestyle activities, China Rendez-Vous works throughout the entire country on comprehensive projects that create the perfect networking platform for high-end lifestyle brands and an extensive list of VIPs. With close relations with major Chinese stakeholders and a proven track-record, China Rendez Vous is uniquely equipped to help clients navigate to complex and ever-changing environment of the Chinese luxury market. Headquarted in Shanghai, China Rendez-Vous has collaborated with over 300 of the most prestigious luxury brands and industry leaders in the world.

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China Rendez-Vous 是中国首屈一指的集宣传与展会管理为一体的公司。由李雯雯女士创立于2009年的China Rendez-Vous 是国内知名高端生活方式的组织者,我们成功打造了一系列活动包括大连雅航盛汇、SO! HAINAN海洋生活方式展,外滩经典老爷车展“尊驰盛汇”以及“滑型”雪上生活方式展。为了满足日益增长的全新生活方式活动的需求,China Rendez-Vous 在全国范围内举办了综合性的活动旨在为高端生活方式品牌和广泛的VIP客户打造完美的社交平台。凭借与主要股东的密切关系与出众的业绩,China Rendez-vous致力于帮助客户适应中国奢侈品市场的复杂性和不断变化性的环境。公司总部设在上海,我们已与超过300家最负盛名的国际奢侈品品牌牌及行业领导者进行合作。