Group Description

About the Chengdu Women in Business Network: Last year the CWIB network  held the Women in Action Workshop series - with 4 volumes, with assessments such as the Johari Window, Emotional Intelligence and Unconscious Mistakes Women Make in Business. This saw the network grow to over 300 international and local female entrepreneurs, business owners, civil servants, and professionals from a diverse range of industries. 


去年,CWIB网络举办了Women in Action Workshop系列活动 - 共有4期,内容包括乔哈里咨询窗,情商和女性在生意中所犯的无意识错误。这些活动使该网络发展壮大,成员包括超过300名国际和本地女性企业家、企业主、公务员和来自各行各业的专业人士。该网络平台主要组织系列性的专业研讨会和网络活动,旨在建立一个可持续的全球企业领导者和实干者的社交网络,并提供纵向和横向指导。