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About Captivating International Foundation Ltd.

Captivating International Foundation Ltd. believes that within every child lies the potential for greatness – something of incredible value to their world. For many, much of this value is lost because of poverty or injustice. Captivating’s mission and passion is to see disadvantaged, impoverished, fatherless, poorest-of-the-poor children soar – to see them reach out for a better tomorrow.

How it all started
In 2006, Andrew & Julie Colquhoun, along with their son Tyler, left corporate life in Australia to devote themselves fully to serving children, single mothers and families trapped in poverty or injustice. Driven by the belief that every child and every person has something incredible to offer their world, they wanted to help people achieve their purpose in life taking them from a position of extreme disadvantage to having real choices.

Their story started with a chance trip to Northern China where they came face to face with street children struggling to survive harsh winters by wrapping themselves around underground heating pipes. Following their involvement in helping this local community establish foster family solutions for many of these children, they started to become involved with local schools and teachers who wanted to help the poor children in their communities.

In 2008, Captivating International was founded by Andrew and Julie as a Hong Kong Charity with partnership links to Australia and the US. To date the work of Captivating has supported projects in Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Guangxi, Guizhou and Guangdong. In addition to China, Captivating also works in Kenya (caring for AIDS orphans and poverty alleviation) and Nepal (preventing girls being trafficked into China and India).

Captivating’s Projects
Captivating’s work starts by finding a grassroots local partner already doing good work in their location, but through lack of finance and administrative support is unable to make the impact the community and its children desperately need. Captivating helps the local partner stabilize their existing work, and then expand it. All projects have an exit strategy – a desire to see all projects stand on their own feet over time. Efforts supporting sustainability and the ability for project partners and families to produce their own income are always a crucial component of Captivating’s partnership.

Full details of Captivating's work including audited financial statements can be found here, in their latest" Simply Captivating" report.


August 4, 2015 was an historic day in the life of Captivating. To further enhance our transparency and impact in China, Captivating was accepted as an officially registered charity fund under the umbrella of the Shenzhen Charity Federation. The Federation is a group specifically established by the Chinese government to assist in the legal distribution and control of funds to approved social projects within China.

What this means: From now on, Captivating can receive and receipt through the Federation donations from Chinese organizations and individuals. Also, we have a much clearer and more controlled gateway for forwarding funds to our approved project partners throughout China, as well as the ability to fund-raise through events run and managed anywhere across mainland China.

The team at the Federation also bring skills and opportunities to Captivating that are indeed valuable: a motivated team who bring the prospect of joint projects when the opportunity arises, and government liaison. Our thanks to the wonderful team at the Shenzhen Charity Federation for opening their doors to us.

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